Time to be a Mermaid

The heat is on and summer is finally here!♥ I decided to spend my first summer trip in Zambales – with a friend who understands my love for photographs. LOL


We went to Liwliwa in San Felipe, Zambales. It was actually my first time there and I’m glad I visited the place.♥


The weather was lovely and the place is just right for a newborn mermaid, like me.☻ Why newborn? I was never a beach person. I rarely go to the beach as I hate sand and I hate the sun. I’m not comfortable wearing swimsuits and mom doesn’t like them on me. Haha. But people change and so do I. (Sorry, mom… But I love you!)


I’ve been to just a few beaches, but Zamba is my fave so far (I’m still waiting and looking forward to an El Nido get away hopefully this year, please, please, please!). I love it here as the seashore is wide and the place is not crowded. (Sorry for the images’ resolution below. Device-error. Haha.)


I just love this hanging chair. We took a lot of photos here. LOL


I call them “Flags of Summer”.


Sun on my skin? I can handle it. Just make sure to put some sunscreens on before hitting the beach. You don’t want to get those unwanted tan lines all over your body.


And don’t forget these things before going on a beach trip: Sunscreen. This is a must! Be generous on your skin when applying though. Sunscreen Lip Balm. Protect your lips as well! Sunglasses. You don’t want to ruin your summer photos seeing your eyebrows puckered because of the heat. Of course your cute swimsuits (Yes, swimsuits. The more the merrier!). And a Cover Up if you feel wearing one.


Photo creds to my ever supportive friend, Jaff! I’m looking forward to spending another summer vacay with you!♥


And I’ve actually found another beach destination for my next summer trip. Hope work can adjust! Haha. See you on my next blog post!


Swimsuit (Blue) | bikiniislove.ph | Swimsuit (Black) | Bench | Cover Up | Fab | Sunglasses | Vans | Flip-flops | Caribbean


Where is your summer destination this year? Share it!

Urika C.


The Sweetest Escape

We went to La Union last month to breathe some fresh air from work. And here are some of the photos I had during our La Union trip. Haha, it’s still an outfit post after all. LOL.


One-piece swimsuit from Bench. I love the pink, purple, and sky blue combination!


Kimono from Greenhills.


Flip-flops from Terra & Agua.


Hat from Intramuros.


Sunnies from Ensembles.


Necklace from Girl Shoppe.


Ring from Robinson’s Department Store.


This vacation is not just my typical out-of-town experience. It’s actually a beginning of a new chapter in my life. Maybe the photos won’t show it, but it’s springtime for my love and career life.

To all my readers, I’ll be taking a break from blogging. I’ll be busy with life these coming weeks and months. I’ll be back as soon as I get back my spare time. But I’ll be posting some OOTDs to still keep my blog up. I’ll see you again, guys!


Thanks to Dags Ypil for the photos.


Urika C.

Goodbye Summer!

Summer 2013 here in the Philippines is ending as the rainy season is fast approaching. Coats, jackets, and boots will be in again! Well, not really a fan of the rainy season… Aside from my skin misbehaving during cold weathers, I just feel lazy to go out and walk in the rain especially when I’m all dress up.

Anyhow, I was still able to do a summer shoot with Bjorn last weekend. It’s like my “Summer Huling Hirit”. LOL. It actually rained the night before our shoot. Good thing the grass here dried up so fast and the sun was kind enough to give us a fine weather that day.


Going back to this outfit post, I got a two-piece bikini from an online store which is known for cute swim wears. I’m not sure if you can see it but the bikini top has polka dot prints, while the other piece is just a plain red bikini with a ribbon on the left.

Two-piece bikini from PearlyPop Swimwear.


If your boyfriend is a conservative-type and doesn’t want you to show (well, your summer-ready bod) some skin, you can put a cover-up like this. This one is a see-through type with pastel floral prints. I just think they’re lovely as well as the cut on the back.

See-through bikini cover-up from Genevieve Gozum.


I’m not really into flip-flops because they make me look smaller. However, I wanna feel relaxed here so I decided to put a pair on.

Bronze flip-flops from Caribbean.


I used my Annika Dionne scarf here as a head scarf. Hmm… I think I need to learn some head scarfing techniques, huh?

Annika Dionne scarf from the SM Depatment Store.


Then, I just added a chunky bracelet here from Girl Shoppe to complete the casual summer look.

Sunnies from Forever 21.


I love summer, though I’m not a beach-lover (as I have this spoiler skin allergy)… But summer is the best season (for me) to go out and enjoy life to the fullest. Dressing up, shopping, and partying! Anyhow, goodbye summer! Hello, raindrops…


Check out PearlyPop Swimwear @pearlypop_instyle on Instagram for more adorbs swimwear.


Summer Love

Ola! It’s summer! Colorful bikinis, sunnies, and beaches are in! We’re supposed to go to a beach somewhere in Zambales for our summer shoot, however we were jinxed – resorts we’ve called were all fully-booked until the end of May. Aww! That’s a heart-break. So we decided to take our summer shoot elsewhere (minus the swimsuit and the beach) and this time, Bjorn and I brought a very good friend of ours – Jaff. He’s an aspiring fashion designer and is currently enrolled at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP) taking up Basic Fashion Designing. He was our photographer for the day and hmm… It seems like he has a future in photography as well. Love the shots.

Let me show you the photos Jaff and Bjorn have captured by the way…

DSC_1143 DSC_1130

I was really thinking of wearing bikinis for my summer post… But since our Zamba trip was cancelled, I ended up wearing this airy tank top from Forever 21. I love the floral print and its very summer design – perfect to be worn over a bikini top for your pre-beach outfit.

DSC_1174 DSC_1175

I decided to get myself an undercut by the way. I wanted to try something new with my crowning glory this summer while still keeping my curly locks. So, I courageously went to the salon and have them shaved a part of it. Well, I like it! No negative feedback so far.

Earrings are from Forever 21, while the pair of sunnies is from SM Accessories.


Mustache necklace from Forever 21.


Bear necklace from Eastwood.


I love this Sporty Gallant Watch in Black from Tomato and the skull bracelets I got from Penshoppe.


I’m not at the beach so I’m licensed to wear this pair of killer gladiator-type stilettos here from People Are People.

DSC_1061 DSC_1192 DSC_1197

We had so much fun we forgot about the time. When we got home, we noticed that our faces got burnt. Omg! Our skins were like kissed by the sun’s rays. LOL. Well, it’s okay. Tanned skin is in during summer. Oh, well! This is truly summer love!