An Afternoon at the Museum

I’ve been wanting to go to this museum after seeing one of Lissa Kahayon’s posts on Instagram a couple of months ago (and yeah, it really took me months before I got to visit this place).☻ She was sitting on a Greece-like stairs, and it was lovely.

So, I Google-d Pinto Art Museum (which is in Antipolo by the way), took mum with me and asked her to shoot me some photos.☻


Since it was my first time going there, I didn’t expect it to be a sweltering afternoon inside the museum. The place doesn’t have AC and they only use electric fans there. I was sweating profusely since I decided to wear this long-sleeved bodycon dress. So, just a heads up if you’re planning to visit the place – wear something airy and light.


There are six galleries in this museum, but I’d rather not talk about the place too much right now ‘coz I’m planning to revisit it soon (I’ll reserve it for my next Pinto visit, hehe.). ‘Coz yes, the museum has so many places to shoot and I know I’m still missing half of them.


So here, sharing with you some of the photos I got from the museum.

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My favorite animal here!♥


Credits to mum for my outfit shots. Thank you and I love you!♥


Bodycon Dress | Something Borrowed from Zalora | Sneakers | Steve Madden

Urika C.


Jump(er) High!

Got a playful OOTD last Sunday with a requisite amount of maroon. LOL.

This jumper dress gives me that childhood feels.

Matched it with my fave super comfy sneakers…

And this ribbon hair bow is a cutie.🎀

Brooklyn Shirt | Jeanie Girl from Zalora | Jumper | Greenhills | Sneakers | Keds for Kate Spade

Any other OOTD ideas that bring back some childhood memories? Share it!

Photo creds to Benj Arellano.

Urika C.❤️