It’s Time…

Hola! The love month has finally arrived and it came sooner than I expected. It’s been a month now since the year has changed and I can say that it was a drastic change!

Anyway, the pictures that I have on this blog post were taken a month or two ago, I just realized it’s time to post them.☻


Does the place look familiar now?


These were taken in a lovely hotel somewhere in Paranaque.


How can you resist taking photos in this lovely place?♥


The towers are like piles of golden bricks…


Photos were taken by my fab achie, Jhen…♥


…in City of Dreams Manila.☻

Any life-changing moment you have this 2017? Share it!

Urika C.



“Oh, I don’t need another pair of shoes!”, said no woman ever.♥

I shared with you guys the Visual Shoe Dictionary before, showing us the different types of shoes – from the rocking thigh high boots, to the comfiest flip-flops. Now on this blog post, I will be sharing with you some of what I have… So, scroll down button please!

Lita Shoes. The higher the heel, the closer to heaven they say… D’ya agree with that? I am!☻ High heels boost a woman’s confidence. The right pair of high heels can make a woman look taller and gives the illusion of slimmer legs – making her look and feel sexier. Most of these shoes are, urgh, painful! But there are some that are comfy. Like this Lita shoes I own.☻


Litas from Forever 21.

Pumps. These are lovely!♥ They look good on you ‘coz they add an extra few inches to your height while prettifying your feet. (Just don’t walk or dance with them all night long as you may end up getting blisters on your feet. Ouch!)


Blue pumps from People Are People.


Maroon pumps from St. Francis Square.

Gladiator Shoes. They look sexy and appealing especially the ones that are stiletto-types. Make sure they are exposed when you wear them so that you can show them off.


Gladiators from People Are People.

Peep-Toe. Put this pair on if you want to show-off your pretty-polished toenails as well as if you want to wear something dressier than your typical slippers or sandals. PRETTY good choice!☻


Peep-toes from Greehills.

Kitten-Heel Shoes. The 1 to 1.5-inch heels are just right for a day in the mall without turning ON your “tiis-ganda” mode.☻


Kitten-heels from Centropelle.

Ankle Boots. During a cold weather, it’s nice to know that you have a pair of boots that can warm your feet while still looking chic. What I have here is a gamuza peep-toe type!


Ankle boots – thrifted.

Wedge. This pair will add a couple of inches to your height without giving your feet the “pagoda” feel. LOL.


Wedge from Wade.

Platform Shoes. High sole that elevates the feet by several inches. In platform shoes, both the toe and heel are elevated. I usually use mine during the rainy season to keep my feet dry.


Platforms from St. Francis Square.

Now you want some comfy shoes?☻ Here they come!

Loafers. These are my ultimate fave! I like the idea of wearing something comfortable and stylish at the same time. These are best for your casual OOTDs, but I wear mine on almost all of my outfit. Versatility it is.♥


Loafers from Parisian.

Oxford Shoes. Just like loafers, they are comfortable, stylish, and classic. Perfect for short shorts!


Oxfords from Jellybean.

Sandals. Light footwear that are often open type and have straps attaching the sole to the foot. Click here to see my D-I-Y post.


Sandals from Parisian.

Flats. Thank God they exist.♥


Flats from Celine.

Flip-Flops. Your feet will surely love them ‘coz (haayyy…) they can breathe! This would be the comfiest pair your feet can wear. And the most stylish way to wear them is by making sure your toenails are clean and pretty-polished (I know all girls are with me on this one).☻


Flip-flops from Terra & Agua.

Rubber Shoes. Up for some running? Then there wouldn’t be any other shoes I can recommend here on my list but this (pretty in pink) rubber shoes. Sweet but tough.♥


Rubber shoes from Nike.

I found out that Zalora has an amazing selection of stylish shoes for women to choose from. Click here for you to know what I mean.

And if you still need help determining the type of pairs you have, Steve Madden’s Shoe Glossary would be a huge help.

Now, which pair would you like to grab and wear today?☻

Urika C.

Maxi Generation

We invaded the malls of Baclaran couple of months ago to do some nifty shopping.


Anyhow stores in Baclaran peddle cheap, but great finds. It’s an ideal shopping place for my fellow recessionistas out there.☻

And this maxi dress is one of my best buys, simple yet charming. I love how open and exposed the neckline is – perfect for wearing chunky and colorful neck pieces.

MAXI_002 MAXI_003

So, I put on two necklaces here.

MAXI_004 MAXI_005

Let’s call the first set “Leopardized”. I used less accessories here as the leopard detail itself is shouting STRIKING already. LOL.


Necklace from Eastwood City.


Ring from Girl Shoppe.


Belt from Genevieve Gozum.


Bag from Celine.


I used chunky accessories on the next set – bib necklace, sporty watch, and big rings.


Necklace from Eastwood City.


Sporty Gallant Watch from Tomato.


Rings from Girl Shoppe, Forever 21, and Robinson’s Department Store.


Accessories can make or break an outfit. It can prettify a plain outfit and ruin the loveliest dress you have. So make sure you accessorize well.☻


Which set of accessories suits my maxi by the way?☻

Urika C.


It’s been months now since I had a blog entry. For some reason, my hosting company didn’t reactivate my blog site I had to go back to my WordPress-hosted site (I want to save this blog post from bad vibes so I won’t mention how poor their customer service is.). Anyhow, I keep a back-up of everything so I’d be able to catch up with all my backlogs soon, hopefully.


These photos were actually taken a month ago while waiting for my hosting company to reactivate my site. I chose to wear this LBD here which is a gift from my achie. I so love it as it has shoulder pads making it a tough-looking little black dress.

LBD_002 LBD_003

If you want to look tough, then you need some tough-looking accessories too!☻


Chain necklace from Eastwood City. Don’t worry, this ain’t heavy.☻


WWW studded wallet from SM Accessories.


Sporty Gallant Watch from Tomato.


I miss my Litas! Lita shoes from Forever 21.


You can also turn this LBD into an edgy work attire. Just put that blazer on!☻


By the way two weeks ago, I was invited by a friend to attend their rock wedding. And since it’s a Rock & Roll event, I showed up with this same exact outfit. We were then surprised that they had this Best Dressed Award for us guests. Luckily, I was chosen by the newly-weds!

Thank you!☻

LBD_010 LBD_011

Feel free to leave your feedback, if you have any.☻ See you next post!


Urika C.

Rockin’ @ 11!

Last Sunday, our company held a party at Elbow Room in Metrowalk, Ortigas to celebrate our client’s anniversary. There wasn’t any dress code set for the said event, but from the theme itself – Rockin’ @ 11, it was obviously a rock party!!!

I posted some party-like-a-rockstar outfit suggestions on my previous entry and I planned to wear some tight leather jeans. I love leathers. They’re so fashionable and won’t go out of trend. You just need to know how to wear and style them, which is actually my dilemma. I’m struggling on styling leathers, especially on pants. Good thing I found this:


I like how fashion blogger Laureen Uy carried this pair of leather jeans here. She has totally pulled it off!

From the above style inspiration, this is what I came up with:


Got a blue green see-through cover up top from La Obra. Fell in love with the color… So fresh!

Another reason why I love this cover up top is that it goes well with my stoned bib necklace, which I got from the Eastwood City.


WWW studded wallet from SM Accessories.


Owls ring from Classiore. Check them out on Instagram @classiore.


Spiked bracelet from Draneel’s Mix Corner. Check her account on Facebook.


Gladiator-type stilettos from People Are People.


Got this gorgeous pair of leather pants from Forever 21.


We enjoyed the party! Thanks Sony! Happy 11th!

Laureen Uy’s photos credit to

See you next post!


Urika C.


It’s been a while since I posted something here, and forgive me, something came up. Now I’m here again, sharing with you a more of a go-to-the-park casual look. So read on and give me some feedback, if you have any.

I remember I promised you a tutorial on my previous blog post. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to stick with it as I felt blogging about this outfit post.


It’s actually raining today (while I’m writing this draft) and I really don’t feel good when the rain is pouring. I don’t know why, but there’s something with the rain that brings me close to melancholy. I just feel hibernating… Camouflaging.


Colors can camouflage your emotions. It can conceal the saddest and the bitterest part of you. You’ll wake up in the morning on the wrong side of the bed, feeling that you’ll be having a bad day ahead – talking about bad vibes… But I strongly believe that looking pale shouldn’t complement feeling pale. When I feel down or depressed, I also feel wearing colorful pieces. I can wear bright yellow tops, fun-colored shirts, and the cutest accessories to conceal bad vibes. It’s like I still want to show a happy aura despite of the woe I feel inside.


Anyhow, everything went fine during this shoot. There wasn’t any bad vibes actually. I was indeed excited because it’s my first time to work with my friend photographer, Zander Enriquez who happens to be my colleague as well. He’s such a pro and he’s with this career line for years now. Also, my candy girlfriend was here – Say Garcia! So much good vibes for a fun shoot, right?


I find this pair of trousers very pretty – pretty deceiving. LOL. Floral prints never fail to make me fall (as what I always say). Especially this one I got from Terranova. I like the pink and black combination (I also like pink-gray combi!) as I believe that pink softens every tough color matched with it. Pink was my first fave color by the way. When I was younger, I choose pink in everything. Yeah, I used to be a pink ranger! LOL.

Flower Power ring from Robinson’s Department Store.


I love, Mr. Mustache! Mustache necklace from Forever 21. Mustache ¾ top from Fashion Girl. Check them out on Instagram @fabgenli.


This pretty pair of wedgy shoes from Wade is very comfy to wear! The insoles are very soft I feel like I’m bouncing every time I take a step.


Flower Power bag from Three Wishes Shop. Check them out on Instagram @threewishesshop. Watch from Valentino.


Excuse our emo faces here. LOL.


There would be awful days or weeks (..months? That’s awful.) of your life. One day you’re extremely happy, the next day you’re gloomy. There would be people that will make you feel tickled pink, that will make you feel loved, that will treat you the way you wanna be treated. The next day they’re gone. The problem is not always “who”. Sometimes, it’s the situation… But whatever situation you’re into, be it bad or already on its baddest (I’m sorry, both are negative!), it shouldn’t reflect on how you look and how you’re perceived by others. Rainy days shouldn’t bring you down (..yeah, I’m also telling that to myself.).

Remember, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.


So Body-Con!

I did some shopping during the opening of Forever 21 in SM Aura and one of the clothes I picked is this blue “bodycon” dress.


Body-con, short for “body-conscious” is a line of tight, figure-hugging clothes that highlights and shows off your body curves. These are clothes that will reveal your body shape as they are really, really tight to the body.

Bodycon dress from Forever 21.


I’ve had this pair of blue thick-heel pumps for years now. I disliked the color but I love the crystal heels so I bought it. I didn’t wear them until 2 weeks ago (for this shoot). I even forgot to remove the tag. Sorry. LOL.

Thick-heel pumps from People are People.


This bodycon dress is sort of a classy so to break it a bit, I used an intimidating spikey necklace.

Spike necklace from Greenhills.


I intentionally used minimal accessories here to highlight the necklace. My blue-violet stone ring did the job.

Stone ring from Eastwood.


Going back to bodycon clothes, some are probably hesitant to wear them as they are tight and bold – revealing your shape. Most of us aren’t blessed with perfect bust and waist lines, hips and butts… But that doesn’t mean we cannot wear this trend. Here are some guides on how to carry this look.


Flaunt your assets. Instead of you thinking on how to hide your flabs, why don’t you wear pieces that will flaunt what you have? Like if you have a nice cleavage, go for a plunging neckline top but remember – do not show too much. You can always show off your cleavage in a classy way. Also, when you’re already showing off your cleavage, don’t forget to cover the rest.


Balance the outfit. As what I’ve mentioned on my “Stones of the Orient” post, if you’re already wearing a twiggy or a skimpy top, go for a pair of pants or anything that will cover your lower half… But if you’re going to wear short shorts/skirts, a loose or an oversized top or a chic jacket or a blazer would definitely work. It’s like the upper or the lower torso is revealed, and the other half is covered.


Colors. If you really want to hide your shape when wearing bodycon clothes, you can go black, dark gray, brown – dark colors! Proven and tested.

Add and accessorize. You know what else you can add to this outfit? Did someone say boyfriend blazer? Yeah! You can add pieces to your bodycon dress depending on the time of the day. Put your boyfriend blazer on during AM, and then remove it at night when going on a dinner date. You can also use chunky and large necklaces if your dress has an open and exposed neckline. Oh! A nice scarf will also work.


See how flattering you can get with a bodycon dress? As long as you flaunt what you have, balance the outfit, wear the right colors, and accessorize well, you’re good to go!



Goodbye Summer!

Summer 2013 here in the Philippines is ending as the rainy season is fast approaching. Coats, jackets, and boots will be in again! Well, not really a fan of the rainy season… Aside from my skin misbehaving during cold weathers, I just feel lazy to go out and walk in the rain especially when I’m all dress up.

Anyhow, I was still able to do a summer shoot with Bjorn last weekend. It’s like my “Summer Huling Hirit”. LOL. It actually rained the night before our shoot. Good thing the grass here dried up so fast and the sun was kind enough to give us a fine weather that day.


Going back to this outfit post, I got a two-piece bikini from an online store which is known for cute swim wears. I’m not sure if you can see it but the bikini top has polka dot prints, while the other piece is just a plain red bikini with a ribbon on the left.

Two-piece bikini from PearlyPop Swimwear.


If your boyfriend is a conservative-type and doesn’t want you to show (well, your summer-ready bod) some skin, you can put a cover-up like this. This one is a see-through type with pastel floral prints. I just think they’re lovely as well as the cut on the back.

See-through bikini cover-up from Genevieve Gozum.


I’m not really into flip-flops because they make me look smaller. However, I wanna feel relaxed here so I decided to put a pair on.

Bronze flip-flops from Caribbean.


I used my Annika Dionne scarf here as a head scarf. Hmm… I think I need to learn some head scarfing techniques, huh?

Annika Dionne scarf from the SM Depatment Store.


Then, I just added a chunky bracelet here from Girl Shoppe to complete the casual summer look.

Sunnies from Forever 21.


I love summer, though I’m not a beach-lover (as I have this spoiler skin allergy)… But summer is the best season (for me) to go out and enjoy life to the fullest. Dressing up, shopping, and partying! Anyhow, goodbye summer! Hello, raindrops…


Check out PearlyPop Swimwear @pearlypop_instyle on Instagram for more adorbs swimwear.


Jack Daniel’s Girl

This space is actually for my 2nd summer post. However, there was like a little “wardrobe malfunction”. LOL. Hopefully, Bjorn and I can do our summer shoot next week or at least before the summer ends officially. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for that.


In the meantime, let me blog about this tough-looking Jack Daniel’s muscle tee I got from an online store which I’ve been eyeing for weeks now.

DSC_1293 Photo 5-9-13, 11 02 16 PM

I find the design unique to be worn by girls, so I was excited to get mine. I was actually thinking of pairing it with a white skimpy short shorts to balance the outfit as the tee is too loose for me. However, I eventually felt expressing a rock-chic look so I pulled this faded black jeans out of my closet and put my well-abused Litas on. LOL.

DSC_1282 DSC_1321

The spike bracelet I used here came from an online store as well. This accessory accentuated and completed that rock-ish look.


By the way, I call this section “The Clash”. Bjorn and I rarely get photos of us together as it’s always just the two of us taking photos of each other. This time, we invited a co-blogger – CK Espanol to join us with the shoot and he did capture all these street-style shots having Bjorn and me posing in front of his camera like gangsta clashing.

DSC_1257 DSC_1259 Photo 5-9-13, 11 31 30 PM DSC_1256

I’m neither a punk nor a tough-looking girl but during this shoot, I thought up how those i-got-the-swag gals pose in front of the camera… Well, talk about the RiRi and the Cher Lloyd attitude. LOL. Seriously, it really becomes natural when you “feel” what you’re wearing. It’s like when you’re wearing a cute skirt, you feel girlish. When you’re wearing something that emphasizes your curves, you feel sexy. It’s true! When you feel good, you look good… And that’s the bottom line. Now I’m talking some Stone Cold line here. LOL.


You can check out PearlyPop Swimwear @pearlypop_instyle on Instagram to get this Jack Daniel’s muscle tee and Draneel’s Mix Corner on Facebook to get the spikey bracelet.