It was one gloomy Saturday morning. I hate to go outside as the rain was pouring hard and I really don’t feel good. Unfortunately, I’m running out of outfit posts and it was the only day that Bjorn and I have the same rest day from work. So still, we took some outfit posts even if it’s wet and windy outside.


I once spotted a cute outfit on Tumblr. It’s a brown knitted top matched with a pair of tattered denim shorts. I find it really cute I tried looking for the same top… And I failed. However, during a “Tiangge” trip to the Eastwood City, I was so glad to see one! And I got it cheapo by the way.


I was planning to wear it on a pleasant sunny day, but it turned out that that day is not my day… But that’s fine. We sometimes get awful days.


Brown knitted top from the Eastwood City.


Bag from the Three Wishes Shop. Follow them on Instagram @threewishesshop.


Shoes – thrifted.


Watch from the Eastwood City. Bangles from Vanity Accessories.


I’m sorry if I shy away from the camera. I just really don’t feel good and look good that day. Say hello to my baggy and puffy eyes!


See you next post!

Urika C.


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