A Night with Nina


I was browsing folders in my phone yesterday when I came across these photos.

I remember when I got an invite for the Philippine Fashion Week, which happened last May 24th, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center… It was a Fashion Forum organized by JAG Jeans revealing their latest collection – the ankle-cut jeans. The event was opened with a fashion show hosted by Sarah Meier and featured 3 aspiring fashion designers – Jeffrey Rogador, Jerome Salaya Ang, and Norman Noriega.

(Good thing I still have these photos in my phone. Sorry for the blurred images.)

NINA_002 NINA_0003

These models set the catwalk on fire with their sexy ankle-cut jeans…

NINA_004 NINA_005 NINA_006 NINA_007 NINA_008 NINA_009

But the show’s highlight was an interview with Project Runway’s judge Nina Garcia who shared her fashion expertise and thoughts to those fashion-lovers out there.


Fashion Forum with Nina. The set-up was like of a talk show and Nina Garcia was interviewed by ABS-CBN’s Boy Abunda. I like how Boy Abunda delivered his questions as they were exactly the same questions running in my mind. Nina also shared her experiences before she made it to where she is right now. She gave some tips and pieces of advice to all fashion dreamers – models, designers, stylists, editors (my dream!), even bloggers (that’s me!). I remember there was a discussion about the emergence of bloggers in the fashion industry she said, “Competition is good! (Nina was referring to the competition between editors and bloggers) I like the bloggers. It’s giving the editors a little bit of a run for their money. We do very different things… And I appreciate what they do.”


“As editors, we offer a different kind of perspective. When I put together a magazine, it’s for very many women who have very different needs, and have actual needs. The bloggers have a very personal point of view. It’s very much about them. It’s fascinating that the industry is changing so much and it’s exciting to be living now because we are at the cusp of change.”, which is so true.

NINA_012 NINA_013

It was a lovely night listening to Nina’s words of encouragement. I was actually motivated I think I love her! LOL. So to all fashion-lovers out there, don’t stop believing, don’t stop dreaming. Working in the fashion industry is so much fun as long as your heart is truly with it. It’s very exciting and unique! My heart smiles every time I think about going to a fashion school, thinking of me styling models, and me (again) working on a publishing company contributing articles for a fashion magazine. I think it would be the happiest craft ever! Eventually all things fall into place… But in the meantime, I’ll blog, blog, and blog! I’ll live with my dreams. So off to dreamland now…

See you next post!


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