It’s been a while since I posted something here, and forgive me, something came up. Now I’m here again, sharing with you a more of a go-to-the-park casual look. So read on and give me some feedback, if you have any.

I remember I promised you a tutorial on my previous blog post. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to stick with it as I felt blogging about this outfit post.


It’s actually raining today (while I’m writing this draft) and I really don’t feel good when the rain is pouring. I don’t know why, but there’s something with the rain that brings me close to melancholy. I just feel hibernating… Camouflaging.


Colors can camouflage your emotions. It can conceal the saddest and the bitterest part of you. You’ll wake up in the morning on the wrong side of the bed, feeling that you’ll be having a bad day ahead – talking about bad vibes… But I strongly believe that looking pale shouldn’t complement feeling pale. When I feel down or depressed, I also feel wearing colorful pieces. I can wear bright yellow tops, fun-colored shirts, and the cutest accessories to conceal bad vibes. It’s like I still want to show a happy aura despite of the woe I feel inside.


Anyhow, everything went fine during this shoot. There wasn’t any bad vibes actually. I was indeed excited because it’s my first time to work with my friend photographer, Zander Enriquez who happens to be my colleague as well. He’s such a pro and he’s with this career line for years now. Also, my candy girlfriend was here – Say Garcia! So much good vibes for a fun shoot, right?


I find this pair of trousers very pretty – pretty deceiving. LOL. Floral prints never fail to make me fall (as what I always say). Especially this one I got from Terranova. I like the pink and black combination (I also like pink-gray combi!) as I believe that pink softens every tough color matched with it. Pink was my first fave color by the way. When I was younger, I choose pink in everything. Yeah, I used to be a pink ranger! LOL.

Flower Power ring from Robinson’s Department Store.


I love, Mr. Mustache! Mustache necklace from Forever 21. Mustache ¾ top from Fashion Girl. Check them out on Instagram @fabgenli.


This pretty pair of wedgy shoes from Wade is very comfy to wear! The insoles are very soft I feel like I’m bouncing every time I take a step.


Flower Power bag from Three Wishes Shop. Check them out on Instagram @threewishesshop. Watch from Valentino.


Excuse our emo faces here. LOL.


There would be awful days or weeks (..months? That’s awful.) of your life. One day you’re extremely happy, the next day you’re gloomy. There would be people that will make you feel tickled pink, that will make you feel loved, that will treat you the way you wanna be treated. The next day they’re gone. The problem is not always “who”. Sometimes, it’s the situation… But whatever situation you’re into, be it bad or already on its baddest (I’m sorry, both are negative!), it shouldn’t reflect on how you look and how you’re perceived by others. Rainy days shouldn’t bring you down (..yeah, I’m also telling that to myself.).

Remember, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.



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