So Body-Con!

I did some shopping during the opening of Forever 21 in SM Aura and one of the clothes I picked is this blue “bodycon” dress.


Body-con, short for “body-conscious” is a line of tight, figure-hugging clothes that highlights and shows off your body curves. These are clothes that will reveal your body shape as they are really, really tight to the body.

Bodycon dress from Forever 21.


I’ve had this pair of blue thick-heel pumps for years now. I disliked the color but I love the crystal heels so I bought it. I didn’t wear them until 2 weeks ago (for this shoot). I even forgot to remove the tag. Sorry. LOL.

Thick-heel pumps from People are People.


This bodycon dress is sort of a classy so to break it a bit, I used an intimidating spikey necklace.

Spike necklace from Greenhills.


I intentionally used minimal accessories here to highlight the necklace. My blue-violet stone ring did the job.

Stone ring from Eastwood.


Going back to bodycon clothes, some are probably hesitant to wear them as they are tight and bold – revealing your shape. Most of us aren’t blessed with perfect bust and waist lines, hips and butts… But that doesn’t mean we cannot wear this trend. Here are some guides on how to carry this look.


Flaunt your assets. Instead of you thinking on how to hide your flabs, why don’t you wear pieces that will flaunt what you have? Like if you have a nice cleavage, go for a plunging neckline top but remember – do not show too much. You can always show off your cleavage in a classy way. Also, when you’re already showing off your cleavage, don’t forget to cover the rest.


Balance the outfit. As what I’ve mentioned on my “Stones of the Orient” post, if you’re already wearing a twiggy or a skimpy top, go for a pair of pants or anything that will cover your lower half… But if you’re going to wear short shorts/skirts, a loose or an oversized top or a chic jacket or a blazer would definitely work. It’s like the upper or the lower torso is revealed, and the other half is covered.


Colors. If you really want to hide your shape when wearing bodycon clothes, you can go black, dark gray, brown – dark colors! Proven and tested.

Add and accessorize. You know what else you can add to this outfit? Did someone say boyfriend blazer? Yeah! You can add pieces to your bodycon dress depending on the time of the day. Put your boyfriend blazer on during AM, and then remove it at night when going on a dinner date. You can also use chunky and large necklaces if your dress has an open and exposed neckline. Oh! A nice scarf will also work.


See how flattering you can get with a bodycon dress? As long as you flaunt what you have, balance the outfit, wear the right colors, and accessorize well, you’re good to go!




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