Jack Daniel’s Girl

This space is actually for my 2nd summer post. However, there was like a little “wardrobe malfunction”. LOL. Hopefully, Bjorn and I can do our summer shoot next week or at least before the summer ends officially. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for that.


In the meantime, let me blog about this tough-looking Jack Daniel’s muscle tee I got from an online store which I’ve been eyeing for weeks now.

DSC_1293 Photo 5-9-13, 11 02 16 PM

I find the design unique to be worn by girls, so I was excited to get mine. I was actually thinking of pairing it with a white skimpy short shorts to balance the outfit as the tee is too loose for me. However, I eventually felt expressing a rock-chic look so I pulled this faded black jeans out of my closet and put my well-abused Litas on. LOL.

DSC_1282 DSC_1321

The spike bracelet I used here came from an online store as well. This accessory accentuated and completed that rock-ish look.


By the way, I call this section “The Clash”. Bjorn and I rarely get photos of us together as it’s always just the two of us taking photos of each other. This time, we invited a co-blogger – CK Espanol to join us with the shoot and he did capture all these street-style shots having Bjorn and me posing in front of his camera like gangsta clashing.

DSC_1257 DSC_1259 Photo 5-9-13, 11 31 30 PM DSC_1256

I’m neither a punk nor a tough-looking girl but during this shoot, I thought up how those i-got-the-swag gals pose in front of the camera… Well, talk about the RiRi and the Cher Lloyd attitude. LOL. Seriously, it really becomes natural when you “feel” what you’re wearing. It’s like when you’re wearing a cute skirt, you feel girlish. When you’re wearing something that emphasizes your curves, you feel sexy. It’s true! When you feel good, you look good… And that’s the bottom line. Now I’m talking some Stone Cold line here. LOL.


You can check out PearlyPop Swimwear @pearlypop_instyle on Instagram to get this Jack Daniel’s muscle tee and Draneel’s Mix Corner on Facebook to get the spikey bracelet.



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