The Chase

We were like chasing the sunlight during this shoot… And it was almost sunset when we finished taking photos.


I decided to wear something short for this shoot, opposed to my “Blue Bayou” outfit which wrapped my entire body. They were actually taken the same day on the same location by the same person. Anyway, I got this floral short shorts from the 50th Avenue in Robinson’s Galleria. I’m so in love with floral prints. Floral is like pretty + vintage for me, and they never fail to catch my eye every time I go shopping.


To balance the outfit, I put on a long vest from Weekender (which I got from the SM Department Store) over a white tank. The tank top and the short shorts show too much skin, so I wanna cover a bit.

Photo Jan 31, 1 39 31 PM DSC_0879 Photo Jan 31, 1 31 56 PM(1)

I wanted to wear a pair of shoes that will also cover my entire feet, so I got my Litas (Forever 21) on.

Photo Jan 31, 1 48 36 PM (1)

Earrings, necklace, and ring are from Forever 21. While the bangles are from Girl Shoppe and Vanity Accessories.

DSC_0932 Photo Jan 31, 1 43 48 PM Photo Jan 31, 12 26 27 PM

Meet my adorable friend/photographer, Ryan Guiaman. Thanks for doing the shoot with me. I’ll see you again.





4 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. Of course not, CK! We always want to do the shoot with you. Hopefully, you can join us next time. By the way, the photos here are like “chamba” shots. Lol. The photographer just did good here. Haha. Thanks!


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