Fluffy yet Toughy!

Today is my friend’s wedding day, so I’m writing a quick blog here.

These photos were taken last week by my super perky co-blogger/good friend of mine, Bjorn… And I’m actually planning to wear this outfit today – except for the shoes. I’ll be wearing a pair of mustard platforms as these Litas look too biggie for a formal occasion.

Photo 3-24-13, 2 53 45 PM

I was really thinking of wearing something fluffy for my top and something floral for my skirt – I wanna go peplum-ish this time. So anyway, my mom and I were hurrying home when I saw this cheap red peplum skirt from a near boutique. The color and the floral print are just right for that oh-so-girlish look. It’s a perfect pair with this cream chiffon top I got from the Robinson’s Department Store. I love its fluffiness (I can breathe!) and the strong lining on the shoulder area.

Photo 3-24-13, 3 01 46 PM

I put on my Lita shoes and embellished the outfit with spiked stretchy bracelets, plus biggie rings and earrings.


Bjorn shared with me his eyeglasses here by the way. It goes well with the top I wanna snag it from him!


Top – Pretty in Pink, Shoes – Forever 21, Accessories – Girl Shoppe and Forever 21, Eyeglasses – SM Accessories



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