Blue Bayou

My co-blogger – Bjorn, usually takes my photos for my blog… But just last week, a good friend of mine invited me for a quick shoot.

Photo Jan 31, 12 47 26 PMI’m so amazed how these flowers fall from a tree. They were like cherry blossoms from afar. So pretty!

Photo Jan 31, 12 44 41 PMAnyway, I got this royal blue boyfriend blazer from the Greenhills “tiangge”. I was actually dying to get the one that has a leopard print on the sleeves (when folded). Unluckily, I didn’t find one… But that’s okay. This one is still a chic.Photo Jan 31, 12 51 42 PM Photo Jan 31, 12 50 38 PMI just used a plain black tube top here from YRYS so that I can wear a scarf with it – Annika Dionne Scarf from SM Department Store.Photo Jan 31, 1 00 15 PM Photo Jan 31, 1 12 39 PMCuff bracelet from Robinson’s Department Store.

Photo Jan 31, 1 10 40 PMJag skinny jeans. Belt from YRYS.

Photo Jan 31, 1 06 10 PM Shoes – thrifted.

Photo Jan 31, 1 12 05 PMThis guy has a good eye for photography and he got a cool Nikon D5000 camera. Nice! Thanks, hunky Ryan!



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