Stones of the Orient

As promised – I’m back! I feel so diligent I’m posting two topics today.

Anyway, these photos were taken last week with the help of my co-blogger, Bjorn.

DSC_00381I used one of the necklaces I featured on my previous post – the stone necklace. I’m just wearing a plain black tube top here from YRYS to emphasize the necklace and a pair of palazzo trousers from Fab.

DSC_00832 DSC_01175About mixing and matching clothes, if you’re already wearing a twiggy or a skimpy top, go for a pair of (loose) pants (like this palazzo) or anything that will cover your lower half… But if you’re going to wear short shorts/skirts, a loose or an oversized top or a chic jacket or a blazer would definitely work. You don’t want to end up feeling uncomfortable with what you’re wearing because the outfit is either too tight or too baggy for you.☻ Moving on, the brown wedges are from Finickee while the rest of the accessories are from Girl Shoppe.

DSC_01063Got my buddy here…

DSC_01858Thanks for dropping by! またお会いし!


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