Manila Shopper: Necklaces

They say accessories can make (or break) an outfit. In connection to my last post, here are some of the goodies I snagged from Manila “tiangges”.

I was really looking for a bib necklace and lucky me, I got one… I mean these adorable ones.

Bib necklaces are often chunky and large, so they need a completely open and exposed neckline. They are very strong and colorful pieces which are best worn with solid-color tops/dresses. I super love this thick stone bib necklace which I bought from the Eastwood “tiangge”! You can even wear this on a plain tube top as the color and design are both dominant. While I got the other bib necklace from Greenhills “tiangge”. It’s a classy one.You can never be a Plain Jane when you have these pieces!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpikes. I used to be very intimidated with spikes. For me, they’re only for those people who have tough personality (..and not for me as I used to have low self-esteem.). Back then, spikes are usually worn by rockers. Nowadays, everyone wears them and they come in hued and chic designs. I got this spikey necklace from Greeenhills “tiangge”. I like the size of the spikes and the fact that the necklace is reversible.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStone necklace. This one is like a semi-bib and a stone necklace. The design is like oriental (for me) and I would definitely wear this with an open neck top/dress. I have this appreciation with warm colors as they’re the safest to wear. It’s like you’re unsure with the right outfit to wear on a party and your safest choice is a little black dress.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhatever necklace you prefer – be it a bib, collar, boomerang, layered, spike, pearl, bead, stone (there’s so much to try!), carry it with style and confidence. I remember a friend of mine. She has that boyish image in the office. To best describe her, she’s a tough-looking gal (I love you, friend!)… But this girl makes me smile whenever I see her wearing a huge necklace, flower-power tops, short shorts – things that we don’t usually see on her. I just love it when she shows her feminine side with the right kinda swag, ‘coz I know that she’s got it.

Anyway, I’ll post another topic in a bit. I’m like in the mood today to catch up with all my backlogs. またお会いし!


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