Manila Shopper: What is a “Tiangge”?

Bazaar or what we call “tiangge” is a place where you will find crowded stalls that peddle clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories, handicrafts, and electronic gadgets in a discounted price. People keep on coming back to these “tiangges” as their prices are a lot cheaper and the quality is sort of the same as branded ones. There are lots of choices from these countless stalls – cheap finds and great deals ( you may want to bring your haggling skill with you to keep up with bargaining!). This is definitely a place-to-be for Fashion-Fionas out there!

The outfit that I used for this shoot are pieces I bought from different “tiangges” in Manila. Of all the “tiangges” here, my most visited one is the Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan. Not all stuff from Greenhills are super cheap though. You will also find there adorable stores/boutiques like Apartment 8, KamisetaFab, Glamour StudioCMG, and a lot more (..they’re in Shoppesville, by the way. Check their website for their shopping directory.). Next to Greenhills Shopping Center is the 50th Avenue in Robinson’s Place Galleria. Some of the boutiques there have branches in Greenhills as well. You will find there Amanda’s Place, (again) Glamour StudioCole Vintage, etc… I still use my haggling skill there sometimes even if they’re in a known shopping mall, and it works! Another “tiangge” is in Eastwood City, Libis at the Eastwood Central Plaza. It’s very convenient for me to shop there as their location is just near my workplace; however the bazaar there is like scheduled.

“Tiangges” I rarely visit are the ones in Divisoria (..’coz it’s very crowded there!). The last time I went there was like, 6 years ago? Yeah, cheap finds are really there… But the thick crowd made me feel dizzy. That was Christmas time I believe (that’s why)… But I will surely visit the place again – that famous 168 and the Tutuban Mall. Another one is in Tiendesitas, located along C-5 in Pasig City. They have their Fashion Village there and again, boutiques there also have branches in Greenhills (see, Greenhills is the mother!). As far as I remember, there are lots of handicrafts and antiques there – lovely. Lastly, we have the “tiangge” in Market! Market!. I actually went there to have spa with a friend, but we ended up invading the place – shopping!

Shopping expensive clothing brands are awesome – especially if it’s worth-it. I mean if you love the color, the design, every details about it, why not – splurge… But sometimes, your wallet needs rest. So, don’t forget to turn to these humble “tiangges”. It’s nice to know that cheap finds come with great deals!

Feel free to leave your comments here… I welcome all suggestions and feedback. またお会いし!

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