Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

Konnichiwa! It’s my first official post here and I was really, really excited to post the photos me and my friend Bjorn made last week. Anyway, the Sakura top is from Glamour Studio and the adorable ring is from Forever 21. Platforms are from Forever 21 as well – they look biggie, but they’re comfy!

I’ve been very busy these past few weeks, going places… Got sleepless days and tiring nights (..yeah, ‘coz I sleep during the day and work at night.). I remember a few months ago, someone asked me to blog… I ignored it telling him that blogging is not my thingy (I never really thought I would have one.). Well, here I am – composing my words, posting (my) photos, researching. Lol! It’s fun. I’m happy, completely!

Anyway, feel free to browse and/or leave your comments here. They’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks for dropping by! またお会いし!

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