Love Day

I recall reading a tweet about a viral fast food TVC. The tweet goes something like, “The TVC reminds us that February isn’t only for the couples in love, but also for the people who chose to love in silence.” Aww…♥ Just sharing with you guys.


Anyway this Valentine, I’m wearing a shade lighter than red (which I prefer ‘coz I don’t really wear red). This is a casual look if you’re going on a date with mom or, with your girlfriends.☻

v_002 v_003 v_004

But if you’re going on a romantic date with someone, go get a dressy one.

v_005 v_006 v_007 v_008 v_009 v_010 v_011 v_012

La, la, la… LOL

v_013 v_014

Seriously, there are so many reasons to smile this Valentine.☻ Flowers from someone, a date with your friends / family, a short conversation with your crush, your playful pet, text messages from people greeting you a happy heart’s day, you getting a good night / day sleep, all those simple things in life… So, just smile.☻


Brooklyn Shirt | Jeanie Girl from Zalora | Brooch | Karutora | Bracelet | Givenchy | Bag | BCBG | Heels | Celine

Photos by Frank Lagsit.

Who and what made you smile this Valentine?

Urika C.

It’s Time…

Hola! The love month has finally arrived and it came sooner than I expected. It’s been a month now since the year has changed and I can say that it was a drastic change!

Anyway, the pictures that I have on this blog post were taken a month or two ago, I just realized it’s time to post them.☻


Does the place look familiar now?


These were taken in a lovely hotel somewhere in Paranaque.


How can you resist taking photos in this lovely place?♥


The towers are like piles of golden bricks…


Photos were taken by my fab achie, Jhen…♥


…in City of Dreams Manila.☻

Any life-changing moment you have this 2017? Share it!

Urika C.

Jump(er) High!

Got a playful OOTD last Sunday with a requisite amount of maroon. LOL.

This jumper dress gives me that childhood feels.

Matched it with my fave super comfy sneakers…

And this ribbon hair bow is a cutie.🎀

Brooklyn Shirt | Jeanie Girl from Zalora | Jumper | Greenhills | Sneakers | Keds for Kate Spade

Any other OOTD ideas that bring back some childhood memories? Share it!

Photo creds to Benj Arellano.

Urika C.❤️

Nothing Else Matters

Going to the mall or to the park in this capricious weather? Here’s a good suggestion.☻


A cute pullover from Just G says, “Nothing Else Matters… Just you!” Aww…♥


Leathers don’t get wet easily. It also keeps you feeling warm when it’s cold outside. Perfect for this unpredictable weather! Leather shorts/skirt from Genevieve Gozum.


You don’t want those cute toes to get wet when the rain pours, do you? Keep them high and keep them dry in these rattlesnake platform sneakers. Something Borrowed platform sneakers from Zalora.


This bowling bag is big enough to keep your everyday travel necessities in place, including a foldable umbrella! Black quilted bowling bag from Mango.


Vintage watch from Casio.


Sunnies from Sunnies.


Ring from Eastwood City.


There! Rain or shine, you’re ready!☻


Photo creds to Frankie Lagsit.


Excuse my slightly-made duck face. LOL.☻


Urika C.♥

Fitspire (Part I)

Sharing with you guys a sporty OOTD…


We had this super cool jacket customized (I just can’t remember where…)!


And I just love this Sony Walkman logo behind me.♥


Sports shorts from Body Music.


Shoes from Nike.


That face… LOL. (Excuse my warla-face here.☻)


I really miss jogging and playing badminton with my friends (from Sony). I remember, we used to request for the earliest shift we can get so that we can also log out early. Then off we go to the nearest park or sports complex to do our morning jog and play badminton. Hayy… Those were the days.♥


Anyway, I’ll be posting some photos we had on my next blog post!

Photo creds to Jayson Bryan C. Millo for this blog post. Thanks big time!☻


How about you? Are you also a sporty-type of gal?

Urika C.

El Amarillo Kamiseta

“Amarillo” is the Spanish term for “yellow”, while “Kamiseta” is the Tagalog term for “shirt” or “top” (Sorry, I just feel like combining them. Haha.). Feeling clever. LOL.


Speaking of “Kamiseta”, the chic “top” I’m wearing here is from a known clothing and apparel company here in the Philippines. Wanna know the name? Scroll down button please.☻


As a style blogger, I can say that their clothes are really classy and stylish – perfect for fashionistas and stylistas out there…


I like the ruffles at the bust area. They draw attention to your bust and create the illusion of fullness.


Top from, tada! Kamiseta.☻ Casual, yet classy.


Leather shorts from Genevieve Gozum.


And to complete the happy amarillo aura, I matched it with my mustard-ish peep-toe shoes.


Shoes from Greenhills.


Check out Zalora and find amazing selection of stylish shoes and high heels!


Hat from SM Accessories.


Necklace from Silverworks. I actually got this as a Christmas present from my brother.☻


Watch from Valentino.


Ring from my Mom. I just don’t know where she got this adorbs.


I’m into clothing business right now by the way. So, if you want to get this top, just feel free to comment below.


Urika C.


“Oh, I don’t need another pair of shoes!”, said no woman ever.♥

I shared with you guys the Visual Shoe Dictionary before, showing us the different types of shoes – from the rocking thigh high boots, to the comfiest flip-flops. Now on this blog post, I will be sharing with you some of what I have… So, scroll down button please!

Lita Shoes. The higher the heel, the closer to heaven they say… D’ya agree with that? I am!☻ High heels boost a woman’s confidence. The right pair of high heels can make a woman look taller and gives the illusion of slimmer legs – making her look and feel sexier. Most of these shoes are, urgh, painful! But there are some that are comfy. Like this Lita shoes I own.☻


Litas from Forever 21.

Pumps. These are lovely!♥ They look good on you ‘coz they add an extra few inches to your height while prettifying your feet. (Just don’t walk or dance with them all night long as you may end up getting blisters on your feet. Ouch!)


Blue pumps from People Are People.


Maroon pumps from St. Francis Square.

Gladiator Shoes. They look sexy and appealing especially the ones that are stiletto-types. Make sure they are exposed when you wear them so that you can show them off.


Gladiators from People Are People.

Peep-Toe. Put this pair on if you want to show-off your pretty-polished toenails as well as if you want to wear something dressier than your typical slippers or sandals. PRETTY good choice!☻


Peep-toes from Greehills.

Kitten-Heel Shoes. The 1 to 1.5-inch heels are just right for a day in the mall without turning ON your “tiis-ganda” mode.☻


Kitten-heels from Centropelle.

Ankle Boots. During a cold weather, it’s nice to know that you have a pair of boots that can warm your feet while still looking chic. What I have here is a gamuza peep-toe type!


Ankle boots – thrifted.

Wedge. This pair will add a couple of inches to your height without giving your feet the “pagoda” feel. LOL.


Wedge from Wade.

Platform Shoes. High sole that elevates the feet by several inches. In platform shoes, both the toe and heel are elevated. I usually use mine during the rainy season to keep my feet dry.


Platforms from St. Francis Square.

Now you want some comfy shoes?☻ Here they come!

Loafers. These are my ultimate fave! I like the idea of wearing something comfortable and stylish at the same time. These are best for your casual OOTDs, but I wear mine on almost all of my outfit. Versatility it is.♥


Loafers from Parisian.

Oxford Shoes. Just like loafers, they are comfortable, stylish, and classic. Perfect for short shorts!


Oxfords from Jellybean.

Sandals. Light footwear that are often open type and have straps attaching the sole to the foot. Click here to see my D-I-Y post.


Sandals from Parisian.

Flats. Thank God they exist.♥


Flats from Celine.

Flip-Flops. Your feet will surely love them ‘coz (haayyy…) they can breathe! This would be the comfiest pair your feet can wear. And the most stylish way to wear them is by making sure your toenails are clean and pretty-polished (I know all girls are with me on this one).☻


Flip-flops from Terra & Agua.

Rubber Shoes. Up for some running? Then there wouldn’t be any other shoes I can recommend here on my list but this (pretty in pink) rubber shoes. Sweet but tough.♥


Rubber shoes from Nike.

I found out that Zalora has an amazing selection of stylish shoes for women to choose from. Click here for you to know what I mean.

And if you still need help determining the type of pairs you have, Steve Madden’s Shoe Glossary would be a huge help.

Now, which pair would you like to grab and wear today?☻

Urika C.